We can help make you a better communicator and leader

Welcome to Newbury Speakers, a public speaking club that is geared to help you become a better speaker, communicator and leader.

As an official Toastmaster club, Newbury Speakers is the perfect environment to help you practice and improve your public speaking skills.

Whether you have a presentation, speaking engagement or just want to overcome your fear of speaking, we offer a supportive environment to help you achieve your goals. We are a warm and friendly club and would love you to come along and visit us for a free taster evening.

We recognise that speaking in front of people is not always the easiest of things to do. That’s why we are here to help you on your journey to becoming a better speaker.

It’s simple, because:

  • You get the chance to speak in front of other like minded people with similar goals. Whether you’re an executive, a stay-at-home parent, a college student or retired, you will improve your ability to express yourself in a variety of situations.
  • You will get instant feedback on your performance allowing your to refine your speaking skills. We learn by doing and champion progression over perfection. 
  • You have a dedicated mentor to help guide you along your speaking journey
  • You will make great friends
  • Your improved communication skills will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. You’ll open up a world of new possibilities giving better work presentations; leading and participating in meetings more confidently; speaking more smoothly off the cuff; even handling one-on-one interactions with family, friends and colleagues more positively.

Please use our Contact Page to get in touch. You will be made very welcome at our club meetings.