Incoming President’s Blog

Diane Wilkinson, 19 July 2018

July 2018 heralds the beginning of the new Toastmaster Year. We are experiencing a heat
wave, reminiscent of 1976 for those of us who remember! This is an exciting time, not only because some of our members are too young to remember the heat wave of 1976, but also because we have members with varying skill bases and personalities, giving us an energetic and eclectic group forming “Newbury Speakers Club”.

Thus, we have a wide range of folk who are mainly interested in personal development as a priority, but who will go on to become not only excellent communicators but also leaders
and mentors.

Members will have the opportunity to progress through the dynamic international
TOASTMASTERS program and become better personalities. I have already met with the new committee, a combination of experienced members and, as they say, “New blood”! A perfect mix to guide the club through the next year.

We have the challenge of the new Toastmasters education program launched earlier
in the year – PATHWAYS. A modernisation of the previous communication and leadership program, bringing us right up to date including use of modern digital technology and with individual goals being at the forefront of the new program

We are introducing a new Mentoring system within the club for the benefit of new members and those wanting help with advanced speeches, presentations and contests.The program is currently being put together within Toastmasters guidelines by two of our experienced members who have good knowledge in this field. Mentors will be able to share their experience and knowledge of excellence in speaking with their mentees. This can be done at club nights, on a one to one basis or at the Saturday Speech Surgeries. Personal goals will be a priority within our new mentoring system.

On a personal note I will be selecting a few WORDS OF WISDOM at each meeting which will also include speech writing tips.

Moments of Truth. This is a short brainstorming workshop in which we all participate. The purpose is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the club. This may e.g. lead to a membership drive where all members are invited to bring along prospective new members who will help our club to continue to thrive.

We have two contests coming up:
1. The Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest in the Autumn.
2. The International Speech and Evaluation Contest in the Spring.

Social events are also coming up and we now have a Social Secretary! Look out for events including a pub meal, family picnic and the Christmas/New Year dinner dance.

The committee will also be regularly attending “Club Officer Training” to learn leadership skills and ensure the smooth running of the club.

I hope that you are all looking forward to the new Toastmasters Year as much as I am.

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