Communication is a part of daily life. You speak to someone. You greet people. You express opinions. You offer information. You ask questions. You may even try to persuade someone to accept your point of view. How well you verbalise your thoughts and ideas determines the impressions that you make on people and, ultimately, how successful you are in life.

Yet speaking to more than one or two people may make you nervous and uncomfortable, especially standing up in front of a group. You may be afraid that you will say or do something foolish or even that you will bore your audience. These fears are quite normal and, with a little effort, can be overcome. You can learn to organise and present your ideas logically and convincingly, and in doing so develop the self-confidence that will enable you to handle any speaking situation with ease.

How the Newbury Speakers Speechcraft Program Can Help

Speechcraft is a program designed to help develop public speaking skills and confidence in front of an audience. These skills are learnt over six two-hour sessions, one session per week.

During each session participants learn and practice speaking and communication skills, and have the opportunity to learn and receive feedback from experienced speakers.

The skills learnt by the participants are not only relevant to public speaking but to all situations where verbal communication is required.

Amongst other benefits, Speechcraft provides information and training on:

    • Speech Structure
    • Speech Content
    • Vocal Variety (pace/articulation/volume)
    • Body Language (aligning movement to the message)
    • Audience Participation

As a result participants learn to:

    • Overcome the nervousness everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience
    • Organise and present ideas logically and convincingly
    • Listen carefully to others’ ideas
    • Offer advice that will help others improve their speaking skills
    • Participate effectively in group discussion or meeting

Participants learn and practice in a friendly, non-threatening environment. They learn and practise alongside other people who are there for the same reason. They are taught by people, who just like them, once feared public speaking but have now successfully developed their public speaking skills. Together everyone grows and develops their confidence and communication skills. And, best of all, they usually have fun as they learn.

Progress in the program does depend on the effort that the participants put into it. All we ask is that they commit to the six weeks and put in the preparation required for each meeting. We find that the more the attendees embrace the teachings from the course, the quicker they will enjoy improved speaking skills and increased self-confidence that will benefit then in all areas of their lives.

Newbury Speakers usually deliver Speechcraft courses to organisations within the Newbury area, but we are able to partner with other clubs to deliver courses in other locations around the country.

To find out more about how Speechcraft can benefit your organisation please contact us using our on-line Contact Form.