Roll of Honour

The progression throughout the Toastmaster program enables our members to constantly challenge themselves, building up and focusing on many different skills along the way. Each year we recognise the contribution of these individuals to their learning and the learning of others.

The following members have been recognised by Newbury Speakers Club for their contribution:

2015 2016 2017
Toastmaster of the Year Kate Jones David Brinsdon David Brinsdon
Make A Difference Diane Wilkinson David Brinsdon Miriam Hernandez Fernandez
Most Improved Speaker Kate Jones Miriam Hernandez Fernandez
Rob Hoblin
Most Improved Evaluator Kate Jones Emmanuel Simwinga Miriam Hernandez Fernandez
Prepared Speech Paul Birchall Phil Gladwell David Brinsdon
Humorous Speech Ray Wilton Nour Shaker Diane Wilkinson
Evaluation Phil Gladwell Phil Gladwell Diane Wilkinson
Table Topics Phil Gladwell Phil Gladwell Carl Smith
2012 2013 2014
Toastmaster of the Year Diane Wilkinson Paul Birchall Diane Wilkinson
Make A Difference Ray Wilton Ray Wilton Phil Gladwell
Most Improved Speaker Paul Birchall Helen Webber
Most Improved Evaluator
Diane Wilkinson Kate Jones Paul Birchall
Prepared Speech Phil Gladwell Rob Clark Phil Gladwell
Humorous Speech Diane Wilkinson Bernice Thomas Diane Wilkinson
Evaluation Phil Gladwell Diane Wilkinson Phil Gladwell
Table Topics Lisa Ford Stranc
Tony Henderson-Newport
Diane Wilkinson

Award recipients for previous years can be found here.