In the Community

The club has provided Speechcraft courses to a number of local organisations on many occasions and to date several hundred people have benefitted from this important work and life skill.

We are also able to offer the Youthcraft programme, very similar to Speechcraft but adapted for younger people.

The club also held a “Speak-Out” event in the market place in Newbury, enabling the public to try their hand at public speaking in a speakers’ corner style environment. We hope to repeat this in the near future.

Every year the club holds its annual black tie awards dinner, to award our members for their success in contests and within the club. We also invite selected local organisations to accept an award that aligns to the values and skills of Toastmasters and Newbury Speakers

Our members are also keen to try their skills outside the club environment, presenting speeches to other community groups. Recent presentations include a ladies networking group and the Newbury Round Table.

If you would like to involve Newbury Speakers in an event please contact us using our Contact Form.