Prepare For Your Next Job Interview

The ability to think on your feet is a key skill that will help you become more successful in both your business and personal life.

When you can translate your thoughts and ideas into coherent speech quickly, you ensure that your ideas are heard. You also come across as being confident, persuasive and trustworthy.

Table Topics is a regular part of a Toastmasters meeting. A Table Topic is an impromptu speech, usually two minutes long, which helps members develop their ability to think on their feet, organise their thoughts and present them in a clear and structured manner, building confidence along the way.

In much the same way, a job interview can be thought of as a series of Table Topics. You are asked a question (the Topic). You need to identify what the interviewer is looking for in the answer, then organise your thoughts and present them back in a clear and structured manner.

While we may not all be looking for our next job, being able to think on your feet and respond confidently and coherently to that awkward question may do wonders for your career prospects.

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