Communication impacts everything!

In todays fast food, fast paced world, social media and society expectations are far removed from a time gone by. Our children are using tablets and technology, often before pre-school. The impact is now on our ability to ‘play’ in this multi-cultural, global village environment. So what to do? How does our measure up?

Delivering a Wedding SpeechTo this end, in the authors opinion, there is no real difference to the communication issue 20 or 30 years ago or today. When we go for a job interview or speak at a friends wedding, the communication dynamics remain the same. The speaker has to convince the prospective employer that they are a good bet! We have to engage with our audience and enrol them into our message. This means speaking with a degree of confidence. It means being clear in our thinking and being able to articulate a concept, idea or response in such a way that the audience (either one or many) understand the essence of our communication.

Improve Your Confidence in Job InterviewsToastmasters provides a proven framework in a safe environment through which lessons and therefore growth as a speaker can occur in a rewarding and positive manner. The by-product of this effort though speaks to an individual’s quest for their own development and also it speaks to how, in so many settings, the individual communicates effectively.

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