Roll of Honour – Previous Years

2007 2008 2009
Toastmaster of the Year Tony Henderson-Newport Phil Gladwell Phil Gladwell
Make A Difference Phil Gladwell Phil Gladwell David Brinsdon & Ray Wilton
Most Improved Speaker Melanie Gladwell Anna Sowden Matt Simons
Prepared Speech David Creek Tony Henderson-Newport Phil Gladwell
Humorous Speech David Brinsdon David Brinsdon David Brinsdon
Evaluation Tony Henderson-Newport  Philip Brooks Tony Henderson-Newport
Table Topics Tony Henderson-Newport  Phil Gladwell Tony Henderson-Newport
 2004 2005 2006
Toastmaster of the Year Kevin Hatheril Erica Gassor Sam Lipscombe
Make A Difference Kevin Hatheril Sam Lipscombe Barbara Roseblade & Tony Henderson-Newport
Most Improved Speaker Urmi Basu & Barbara Roseblade Ewan Lister David Creek
Prepared Speech Rob Clark Gwynneth Bullock Ewan Lister 
Humorous Speech Rob Clark Ewan Lister Tony Henderson-Newport 
Evaluation Rob Clark Terry Youll Tony Henderson-Newport
Table Topics Kevin Hatherill Terry Youll Terry Youll
Toastmaster of the Year Debbie Henderson-Newport
Make A Difference Jenny Mills
Most Improved Speaker Catherine Johnston
Prepared Speech Tony Henderson-Newport
Humorous Speech Lis Allen
Evaluation Tony Henderson-Newport
Table Topics Tony Henderson-Newport